Update 6/29/14

Welcome to the last post of June! We’re going to leave this month with a small update on what’s going on. Firstly, I have started a Facebook page. If you already follow my blog, you probably aren’t going to get much more there that you wouldn’t get there, but I’ll be posting more frequently, and […]

Background and Backstory

Today, I’m going to get into the main post pretty quickly. But first, let me give you some background on myself; My favorite music is pop punk/alt rock. My favorite cereal is cornflakes and those flash frozen strawberries. My favorite soda is cherry Pepsi. I am American, I was born in Texas, and I’m sixteen […]

The Cardinal Rule of Writing

I’ve been writing for about nine years or so. Of course, a good portion of that wasn’t really writing in the same way it is today, in a structured, warm and knowledgeable environment, but I have been putting fictional words to paper for nine years. Once I did go a more structured route, I adopted some rules. A […]

Update 6/20/14 – ‘The Next Day’ Update

Finally, a new post that has no opinions, no idealism, no liberalism, no rambling rants!Just a pure, simple update on the writing. The next main release is, as I’ve stated before, ‘The New Phantasm’, my horror/thriller fiction story. But to fill in the gap, I’ve taken to writing the follow-up to my first novel, Creation. This is […]

Update – 6/12/14

Welcome to my official blog! As I stated in my last update, it was getting obvious that I needed a new outlet for blog posts then Wix itself, because as of now the blog system on there is royally lackluster. So I decided to make the switch over to here to get a better experience for […]

Update – 5/23/14

It has certainly been awhile since I’ve dealt with this website. I’m still very active – you know, writing and all that jazz. But updates haven’t really been my thing, so here goes one now.   My current book, Creation, is moving out of the spotlight here on my site so I can make room […]

My Library

Just to keep things moving, I toy around with editing my website at least once a day. I see if there is anything I could add, say, or bring that could make it POP a bit more. One of these ideas that came to formation on the site, was the very eloquently named, My Library. Basically, […]

Welcome, welcome…

Of course, at this point in time, I am quite unheard of. You might not even read this post, nobody might ever read this post. The purpose of this post anyways, isn’t to entertain, to inform or persuade you. This is merely a post of formalities, and a way to say hello. At the time […]