Update 6/29/14

Welcome to the last post of June! We’re going to leave this month with a small update on what’s going on.

Firstly, I have started a Facebook page. If you already follow my blog, you probably aren’t going to get much more there that you wouldn’t get there, but I’ll be posting more frequently, and in shorter bursts.
I originally wasn’t even going to do a Facebook page, at least for a while. But a good friend of mine told me a few ways to start promoting myself and my book a bit more, so I decided that now’s about as good a time as any.
So I’d appreciate it if you’d go take a look, and leave a like! You can find it simply by typing in my name, Brandon Vinton, in the search bar, or you can go directly to it here:

Secondly, I’ve updated my website a little.
I’ve always thought that after a while, I’d stop producing Creation in a physical form, and just leave it in Kindle, and eventually make it free.
That day has not yet come, but I’ve decided to release the first two collections of the book in their entirety to the public for reading and enjoying. These two collections are probably the most raw to me, because they were written without a lot of thought, and were purely based on my emotions. There was no planning, no pre-writing, there was only me and my ranting turned poetry.
The first collection tells the not so cohesive story of the Lonely Liars, a depressed little group of people that live life on the brink of death, always waiting for it all to end. Then in the second collection, someone comes and everything changes. They become addicted not to the thrill of death, but to the high of the pill and injection. They form the Hell’s Dreamers, and the rest is somewhat kind of history.

This book means a lot to me. When I wrote it, I never intended to just make tons of money, my main intent was to share it with people like me who needed it.
This book was never meant to cure depression… but to show people that they aren’t alone in this world.
So until the time comes where the book is fully free, I present to you the first two collections, full and untampered with, on my website.

Just go to the tab that says Creation, hover over it and click on the link. It’ll take you to a page where you can download both the collections separately, and read them at your own free will. They will be in PDF form.

Lastly, I will be leaving for a week in July. From the thirteenth to around the nineteenth, there will be no posts. I know my posting schedule is a bit erratic anyways, but I usually try to post every other day, to every two days.
There will be continued posts until the thirteenth of July, though, so you’ll have that to look forward too.

Any questions? Concerns? Feel free to mail me at b.vinton@outlook.com.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon, 4:55 PM

Background and Backstory

Today, I’m going to get into the main post pretty quickly.
But first, let me give you some background on myself;

My favorite music is pop punk/alt rock.
My favorite cereal is cornflakes and those flash frozen strawberries.
My favorite soda is cherry Pepsi.

I am American, I was born in Texas, and I’m sixteen years old going on seventeen. My eyes are hazel, and I’ve finally settled on that after being told by numerous people that my eyes are BOTH green and brown, separately.
I like to write, obviously. I like to sing. I like to cook.
In school, I liked history and English. I am going to study computer science and technology in college.
I like to keep my hair long.
I prefer women with Scottish accents rather then the mainstream English accents. (Though both are extremely beautiful, like seriously.)

That was a little background on me. All these facts are true, due to them being facts of course, and that leads into today’s main topic;

Background and backstory in writing. Both important elements, both entirely different, but both give some much needed information for character development, growth, and just… a way for the reader to get to know and grow attached to said character. Without these two tools in our toolbox, our characters would be sad one-shot pieces with nothing to build on.

Before I go into detail on each one, let me give you the broad definitions that I was raised writing with;

Backstory – The tale of your main character before the events of the book. Told through flashbacks, prologues, or conversation. Shows a timeline within the book, and gives a character a more 3D appearance.

Background – Basically just extra info on a character. Told through conversation, or just basic story-telling and day to day events. Can also be a tool kept to the author. Helps broaden the character more, making it nearly fully 3D, because now he has likes, dislikes, favorites, and real world things that help the author get more personal with his character.

Now, our feature presentation.
Let us start with background.

As I said in the shortened definition there, background is really just extra info. It broadens your character to a real world equivalent. Let’s take my character from my new book, Aubrey Kasey, as an example.
We want to leave out any real story elements, or anything that would usually add to the plot in a significant manner.

  • So here. Aubrey Kasey.
  • Well, Aubrey Kasey is an insomniac.
  • He is on a few prescription drugs, and a few not so prescription.
  • His favorite cereal is Lucky Charms.
  • He likes black coffee.
  • While an introvert in of himself, he likes extroverted women because they help him live more then he typically would.
  • He is a writer.
  • He has had three books rejected in twenty years, each around twelve times each.
  • He never smokes.
  • His preferred alcoholic beverage of choice is a banana daiquiri. (Though around women, he gets a gin and tonic.)
  • Aubrey Kasey’s middle name is Bartholomew.

There you have it. Some tid-bits of information about my character. As I’ve probably said twice before, this really helps bring the character into the real world. Aubrey may never once get a banana daiquiri in the book, but know that he loves ’em! You, the reader, may never know his favorite cereal, or his choice in women, but I, the author and creator of Aubrey Kasey, do. And it helps me develop a much more realistic, moving character that you can relate too, by having this information laid out in front of me. I can really get up close and personal, and learn things about my character until he’s practically my best friend. (Or he’s so despicable I wouldn’t let him pet my dog.)
Usually, I keep this as an author’s tool unless one of the traits or favorites has a plot point in the book. Otherwise, I have a list on my desk next to me of all this stuff about my character while I’m writing, and it’s all good.

Next, let’s talk about backstory.

Backstory is the events that happened to your character before the events of the actual book. Backstory can be as short as what the character did the day before, or his life story from birth ’till then. The length of a backstory should really depend on what type of story it is, and what the character is like. You have to think about whether or not it will add something to the story, explain something that the readers will read later, or let us see a bit closer into the character. I have read some stories where the author creates this elaborate backstory full of twists and turns, and then it has nothing to do with the rest of story, it is never mentioned again, and it really didn’t have an impact.

Don’t do this. For me, an excessive backstory/prologue is an absolute story killer. Either have one and have it matter, or don’t have one at all. Sometimes enigmatic characters are cool anyways.

Another way you can go about it is like the background; keep it to yourself. I’ve written a few short-stories where the title character himself hardly has any info, no name, no story, sometimes no motive! (Don’t do the last one… most of the time, it’s a mistake)
But still, I write a backstory. Whether it is a paragraph or two pages, I make myself know the character, even if the readers won’t.

I am a firm believer that if anyone should know the main character, it should be the author. After all, how can you write for someone you don’t know? Learn the character, know the character, make them your friend.
THAT will help.

Real quick, I want to talk about the difference between prologue and backstory. Every prologue has a backstory, but not all backstories are prologues.
A prologue is at the beginning of the story. We’re talking about books here, because obviously movies can do it differently. (Star Wars, anyone?)
I prefer prologues. I prefer to introduce my readers to a character back then, and now, so that they can see the difference, development or growth in the character.

A regular backstory has to be developed through the story, through dialogue and narration. While it can work quite well, giving bits of the character’s story throughout the novel, I simply prefer the prologue method, because it seems plainer and easier to do. There is no gray area, there is no question what the character means, you have two black and white sections; then and now.
And that seems to work best, at least for me.

Now not everyone needs a backstory… or background. But I recommend both, especially if you are a fledgling writer. Even if you just keep it to yourself, they are yet another couple tools to help your story.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon, 9:47 PM


The Cardinal Rule of Writing

I’ve been writing for about nine years or so. Of course, a good portion of that wasn’t really writing in the same way it is today, in a structured, warm and knowledgeable environment, but I have been putting fictional words to paper for nine years.
Once I did go a more structured route, I adopted some rules. A lot of these rules are traditional rules you hear in English class, but a few of them are mine, or at least, I heard it from myself first;

– Although a third-person story should be plot-driven, character development is MOST important, because you usually find yourself more distant from the titular character, especially in a limited third-person POV.

– And a first-person story should be character-driven, but outside detail is more important, because if you don’t pay attention to the world OUTSIDE of the character’s mind, you’ll end up with a story that looks a lot like a play; mostly dialogue, little extra.

But although I made rules of my own, and adopted some from school, I have discovered what I believe is the TWO most important rules of writing. The both of them will seem obvious, and I’ve heard of too many people that don’t follow them. And what I put FIRST might surprise you.

These two rules come from Stephen King, probably my most influential author, and they come from his book On Writing. (Which is an absolutely excellent book, by the way, part auto-biography and part tutorial to write.)

The first rule is do not talk about Fight Club.

…Um, okay. Sorry, wrong set of rules.

The first rule of writing is very simple, and very obvious.
#1; Simply write. If you want to be a writer, then write. Write anything, it doesn’t even matter. Put a pencil to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and then just let it spew out. Write a sentence. Write a paragraph, write a page! Take a single sentence, and try and get a little story out of it. Doesn’t have to be anything big or complex, but just write.
At this point, it doesn’t matter if you’re bad. It doesn’t matter if your spelling is off, your grammar is terrible, and the writing is atrocious. WRITE.
Do you understand?

But now, there is one other rule which I place as the most important rule of them all. Even more important then writing. This is the cardinal rule of writing.

This rule, is once again, very simple.
Just read. Read anything. Read the back of the shampoo bottle, read the manual for the dishwasher, or read Charles Dickens. It doesn’t matter. (Although I recommend Charles Dickens over the other two options.)

In order to write, you must read first. Just like you must walk before you can run. Reading is baby steps that will teach you the mechanics of the immense world of writing.  It will give you the tools that you’ll need in order to create something great.
If you aren’t a big reader, but you want to write, I’d recommend finding the best books from a handful of genres. A little fantasy, a little sci-fi, a little horror… these will give you the know-how needed to craft a work of art.

Would you try to build a birdhouse if you had never seen a birdhouse before? If you tried, you might end up with a coffee mug, or a mailbox. (Both which can be used as a birdhouse, but that’s not the point)
Books are the pictures and manuals in which to build new things. And once again, like building, not only will you know how to then create a certain type of story, but you’ll learn other skills that can be put in use for all stories.

Now unlike building, where you read the manual, create it, and you know how to do it forever… with writing, I’d recommend reading as many as you can. My new novel, The New Phantasm, is crafted with many novels. A large portion is Stephen King, and that becomes evident when you read it, but there’s a little of everything. A little Lovecraft, maybe, a little Jim Butcher. And of course, other things, such as music, television and video games play a part. If you want to go that route, there’s some Supernatural in it for television, a little Amnesia from the video games.

But even though a lot of things can attribute to your own unique style and can hand you tools, nothing can give them better then reading a good book.

…And I have a confession to make.
It’s pretty tough to admit.

…I haven’t been reading that much.

And maybe I’d deserve it. A lot of my writing recently has been poetry, and I only read poetry over the internet when I need a little inspiration.
But that’s the other part of this post… I’m writing, and following all the other rules, and following grammar and such…
But I haven’t been reading.
Now that’s a problem. I used to love reading! I read the Harry Potter series in about half of my fifth grade year. I used to read a new Stephen King every couple of weeks, and for god’s sake, I bought the entire Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy collection for eleven bucks, and it’s just on my shelf, collecting dust!

This now falls into a lesson of practicing what I preach, and hopefully making it a lesson for you too.
This is something NO ONE should do, or say, or use as an excuse.

I haven’t been reading because I’ve been busy, i.e with writing.
No, that’s not how it works. Why WRITE if I can’t take the time to READ.
Don’t turn this backwards, don’t write before you read, especially if you are new to the craft. And especially if you aren’t new to it! There is no reason to not read if you’re a writer.

So I’ll end by saying this. Around my room somewhere is a half read Dresden File book. I’ll read that by the end of the month. Halfway through summer, I’ll have the Hitchhiker’s series done. And by the end of summer, I’ll have 2001; A Space Odyssey read as well. (I searched for six months to find a copy of that book that WASN’T a movie book, and now it’s collecting dust as well).

Those are my goals. And of course, I’ll still write in between, but as a community I don’t think we can forget what anyone, even the best, had to do first before they ever started to write.
And if you’re a writer whose fallen into the same rut as me, or even if you’re just a reader who hasn’t read for a while, hopefully you’ll take the initiative to start up again with me.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon, 12:37 AM

Update 6/20/14 – ‘The Next Day’ Update


Finally, a new post that has no opinions, no idealism, no liberalism, no rambling rants!
Just a pure, simple update on the writing.

The next main release is, as I’ve stated before, ‘The New Phantasm’, my horror/thriller fiction story. But to fill in the gap, I’ve taken to writing the follow-up to my first novel, Creation. This is called ‘The Next Day’. I’ve had in mind a sort of Genesis naming theme, God’s creation of everything and the six days of work that followed, but you can interpret it as you will. The book is set to release on eBook in December of this year, with the physical release sometime in the Fall of 2015. 

The thing with poetry is… almost all of it comes from inspiration. When you’re writing a fictional story, there is a lot of it you can just write whenever you want to fill it in. You have an idea, and you go with it. But with poetry, you can’t just want to write poetry and then go do it. (Well, you could, but I don’t know how good it would be).
You have to wait for something, that little nagging feeling, that little emotion that you can just type with your finger roaming free across the keyboard until you get a page or two. 
So when I get something that would interpret well into poetry, I have to go ahead and create it before the idea or emotion loses it’s strength. Because then, you’re writing halfheartedly and the poem trails into oblivion.

This time around, with ‘The Next Day’, my poetry isn’t fueled by my depressed. Creation was the result of clinical depression, drug use, and a lot of mishaps along the way. Creation was really meant to tell you that if you feel this way, or are going through this, you are not alone. There are people that feel the way you do too. There really wasn’t much uplifting, joyous hope for most of the book. Only until the very last collection did it start looking up.
And that’s what I’m leading into with The Next Day.
This will not be about depression, addiction, suicide, heartbreak, and so on and so forth. The entirety of The Next Day’s message is to show the hope that wasn’t present in Creation. It is to show that no matter what happens, YOU matter. This was no real world religious context, either, because I don’t want to alienate other people that don’t believe by forcing God down their throat. This book is for everyone, of all religions, colors, shapes and sizes to show that they are here for something great.

This will also be about trying to tell a story. I had some basic outlines for a story in Creation, the first two collections were linked, and the whole Industry Standard segment was just supposed to be a big rock opera. But what I didn’t do was explain it very well. I tried to hard to keep it within the poetry context, I didn’t realize I could branch out to explain a bit more.
I haven’t worked on these much, so I can’t say much. But there are new things to see, here.

The last thing is very simple. 
The book, yes, is supposed to be about hope and renewal, and so on and so forth, but if you bombard people with all this sappy stuff, especially angsty teenagers, they’ll get tired of it after awhile.
So this book sort of doubles as comedy/satire. As you can see from the little snippet above, I’ve tried to stop taking myself so seriously. I dabbled in some humor before, but I think what I’m doing here will be more relatable, and in the long run, more funny.

So that’s what I’m working on. And I have to say, everything is really coming together alright. I still have The New Phantasm rolling, and geez, that’s a tough gig to do. But that’s a post for another day.
The snippet you see up there is the eighth poem for the first collection, which is done writing wise. I hope to release more of the book as time goes on, just so people can see where it’s going to go.

Well, I feel like I sort of infringed on the ‘no rambling’ portion I agreed too above, so I’ll end right here.
I hope everyone has a great weekend…

…And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon, 2:36 PM



Modern Feminism VS. Gender Equality VS. Humanitarianism

Before I begin the meat of this post, let me give you a little background on myself. (Don’t worry, it relates to the topic. I won’t be rambling).

I was raised in a regular family. I had a mother, and a father, and later on I had a few siblings. But for a while, I was just me. My father worked pretty much all day, and for a good portion of my life, my mother was a stay-at-home mom. Meaning that during a lot of those crucial points that I talked about before where my brain was like unset Jello, I soaked up a lot of my mom’s opinions.
Some of those opinions and traits would soak up and haunt me later as I tried to change them, but a few of those lessons stuck with me always:

  • Always respect women.
  • They are not objects.
  • Do not sexualize them.
  • Never under any circumstances do you lay a hand on a woman unless in a consent-given, loving gesture.

To this day, I hold everything I learned about women to my heart. My mother had had a difficult younger life, so she was a bit of a feminist, naturally. It didn’t matter, for me, these were the most important things I took away from my childhood.
Even still, to me, being a gentleman in the presence of a lady takes precedence over anything. Even when I was with my ex-girlfriend, a sort of tom-boy who acted more like a bachelor then me, I treated her with the utmost respect, because she is a female.

And THAT should never change. Being a gentleman and showing respect are the CONSTANTS that will never sway or falter to me. But as I grew up, learned more about the world around me and learned what the modern feminist movement basically stood for, things changed. Up until a few years ago, I considered myself a feminist as well, but that changed.

I will start by talking about Modern Feminism. This does not mean ALL of feminism. I am ALL for a woman’s rights, and I am ALL for the equal treatment of men and women. But I’ll get to that later.

Modern Feminism went from equality for men and women, to holding women as the superior gender. To me, it feels like the feminist movement has turned into a revenge scheme against the male gender.
Modern feminists WANT the equal pay, but they don’t want the heavy labor a man has to do.
Modern feminists WANT more respect, but then they go complaining about things with the excuse of “I’m a woman!”
Modern feminists WANT to be treated just like men, but they say it’s unfair and illegal for a man to strike a woman AFTER she’s hit him first, or chased after him with a knife, or gone after him with a pan.

No. No, not happening.
You want to know a little secret? Come in close. You might not like it, but I’ll tell it to you anyways…

Men and women? Most of the time, no, they are not created equally. We both have our weaknesses, and our setbacks, and also our strengths and powers. No, men and women DO NOT have the same weaknesses, nor do we have the same strengths. THAT is why God made us both!

So you know, while we’re here, let’s go ahead and throw in the topic of gender equality.

Here’s a scenario for you; A construction site, you have a two hundred and seventy-five pound man manning the trucks, lifting the steel, carrying concrete. Then we have a woman, maybe one hundred and twenty pounds. She gets the SAME job, because ‘discrimination’ is not allowed. She can’t carry as much, she can’t lift as high. She can carry two steel rods, while the guy can carry eight. A man can carry four sacks of concrete, she can carry one or two.
And THEN she gets in her feminist mode and complains that she doesn’t get as much cash as the man. Switch on the controversy, turn on the debates and arguments.
But the construction company was right in not paying her as much, because she wasn’t doing the same amount of work.

NOW SWITCH! A petite guy, and a hulking women. Uncommon, yes, but same exact scenario except the genders are switched. This time, the MAN doesn’t get paid as much as the woman, and is it still fair? YES.

This is my problem with modern feminism… and why I’m against it. A woman can’t do as much work? Pay her less. A man can’t do as much work? Pay him less. It is NEVER right for a man to strike a woman first. But she comes at you and hurts you physically? Defend yourself, bro, and DON’T FEEL BAD.

So I’m against modern feminism. I’m all for giving credit where credit is due, payment where it is deserved no matter what gender… but, “I am woman, hear me roar, and you are man, go sit in a corner because you aren’t as good as us?” Not so much.

And you know what? As much as I like gender equality… I’m gonna go ahead and be against it. You know why?
Because there’s a better option.


Listen. Men and women, we should be equal in the uncommon circumstances that WE ARE EQUAL. Like I said, we have different strengths and weaknesses, so just by BIOLOGICAL standards, we aren’t equal.
But we should ALL be treated with the same amount of RESPECT.
We ALL should get the same RIGHTS.
We should NEVER be discriminated due to gender.
And we should NEVER have our opinions thrown out due to gender.

But instead of focusing on women’s rights, or male’s rights, or gender equality, let’s look at the big picture.
There are a lot of us on this Earth. Over seven billion, apparently. And you know, we all speak different languages, we look a little different, our face might be a different color than someone else’s.
Ask yourself… does that change the fact that we are all humans?
We are all the same… we are all human-beings with a heart that pumps, a brain that thinks, eyes that see and ears to hear! What is it that makes us so different? Are we really killing each other and showing discrimination because my skin is light, and across the world, theirs is a bit darker?
There have been WARS because of this, people!

And I think this is one the biggest modern culprits of causing war; religion.

All wars based on religion are stupid. I believe in one god, you believe in many, but you know what? I don’t even think a war over monotheism and polytheism has happened! (Please correct me if I am… though it is still a stupid reason to have a war).
You know why these religious wars happen?

Because I believe in God. You believe in God too, but you worship him differently.

REALLY?! Are we, as a human race, that petty that we have to fight because I like my God served in a cathedral and you like your God served in a mosque? Think about it. That has caused a lot of fights.

We are ALL human-beings, and if you are religious, then realize that God created EVERYONE whether YOU like it or not. To the Westboro Baptist Church, God must have had a plan for… anyone outside of the Westboro Baptist Church. To any Muslims, God must have had a plan for those Jews. And to the Jews, and other variations on Christianity, same thing goes for you!

We are all people. We all live on Earth. We all love, and feel, and smell and taste and see… why can’t that be enough? Why do we have to focus on what makes us different, instead of focusing on what makes us the same?

I don’t think we should worry about what gender gets more money in their paycheck.
I don’t think we should worry if we have gender equality.

I think we need to work on human equality. Because we are all people.

And we all matter.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon, 4:32 PM

Humanity and the perfect recipe for a child’s own opinions

Conservatives reading this is not advised.

Let me preface this by saying that I am religious… to an extent.
I believe in a God. I lean towards the common Judeo-Christian depiction, though I am uncertain of what form this deity holds. (I don’t really believe the whole big guy with beard, robe and sandals thing, though.)
I believe in Jesus Christ. I’ve learned to know him and love him as Yeshua, though, seeing as Jesus is a Mexican name and I don’t know why they’d name a child a Mexican name somewhere in the Middle East. My guess is that it came about when Roman Catholicism first arrived, but I digress. And I do believe that He died for me to wash me of my sins.

What I don’t believe, is the increasingly common Westboro Baptist/Republican/Southern depiction of God. I don’t think God hates anyone, despite contrary belief, and yes that includes the LGBT community as well. I think God loves all, because that’s what God does.
And to end, I think the only way to Hell is by rejecting God and his son.

Now we get to the real topic of this post; Humanity, and forcing personal beliefs into your children… amongst other points.

Children’s minds are like unset Jello. From a certain age, you can tell your children anything and get them to believe it and have it stick. They will grow up believing what you said and what you believe in, because you are really their only “reliable” source of information. Now usually, this is just fine! How else will we form options about the world around us? We need a healthy mixture of our parent’s opinions, our role model’s opinions, even some of our peer’s opinions in order to create our own unique recipe of thoughts and ideas.
Somethings, such as right and wrong, the golden rule, and general etiquette in society, need to be quickly implanted in our children’s very malleable and unset mind before the wrong things get in. I am all for that. That is a parent’s duty, to teach their children the ropes of the world and to give some basic thoughts to think on.

But what I am against is when some parent’s force feed their own definite opinions on matters that a young child doesn’t need to hear or understand.

Take for example, The Westboro Baptist Church. Just to warn you, I despise them for many reasons, so if you happen to be one of their 0.04% of supporters, you might want to leave.
Basically, this church is just a screwed-up, highly dysfunctional family (or cult) that got famous because of their radical nature. This is hardly even a church. They take children from a young age and feed them a diet of homophobia and extreme misanthropy with a big heaping glass of God’s hate to wash it down. This is, quite simply, brain-washing. Those kids know nothing else other than what their parents and other adults in the family tell them. That is NOT fair to these poor children, because this church is fattening them up to be America’s Most Hated 2.0.

Now what I’m about to tell you, feel free to take it with a grain of salt. Feel free to leave that grain of salt behind, and get the hell out of here if you don’t like what I’ve said so far. I’m not forcing this down your throat, because I don’t do that.
I like to give choice.

Here is my recipe for homemade, healthy child opinions;

  • Start with a good, heaping cup of natural choice. What kind, and how much choice is up to you. I prefer the ambiguous brand, but if you feel the need for a conservative, liberal, or feminist flavor, it’s all up to you.
  • As if your life depended on it, quickly whisk in some humanitarianism. Now once again, how much is up to you. With this, I like to leave ALL flavors aside. A human is a human, no matter what sexual orientation, gender, sexual preference, IQ, appearance… so on and so forth. Any outside tinkering can throw the recipe off.
  • Now, not everyone has this or has to do it, but I think it adds a little kick. Add a half-tablespoon of misanthropy to balance out the humanitarianism. Too much of either can COMPLETELY cloud judgement, resulting in a dish either far too sweet or far too spicy.
  • This next part is a group effort. Together, you and your child pick out some of your favorite opinions. They might want a handful from that athlete or celebrity, and you might want some from Grandpa and Mr. Rodgers. Either way, the equal amount of each is important.
  • Finally, mix together, pour through the child’s ears and let slow cook for twelve, sixteen or eighteen years.


I think choice is something that a lot of parent’s leave out. Whether it the choice I spoke of here, about their opinions and how they feel, to whether the choice to follow a family profession, or to go college, or to believe in whatever religion.
It isn’t fair to force some of these things down the gullet of a five year old. Because generally, if you give them the choice, most of the time they will come around to what’s right anyways.
And even more so… if you give them choice, sometimes they’ll even fall back to what you believed in the first place.

Now in my childhood, I’ve made choices because most of the time, my family gave me that choice. And you know what happened? I went around, I listened and learned and researched, got my fill of my own views and opinions, then filled the blanks will my parent’s.

Do I believe in their religious views? No.
Do I believe in the paranoia my mother and grandmother share? No.
I DO share most of their liberal views, yes.
I DO share their acceptance of all types and variations of humans, yes.

Because I’ve had the choice, I wasn’t confined to four walls to bounce ideas off of and have them fade and sizzle away, turning me into a brainwashed robot that believes everything my parent’s want me to.
I was able to take in everything around me and turn myself into one unique human-being.

And in the end… that’s what really matters.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon Vinton, 3:01 AM

Update – 6/12/14

Welcome to my official blog! As I stated in my last update, it was getting obvious that I needed a new outlet for blog posts then Wix itself, because as of now the blog system on there is royally lackluster. 
So I decided to make the switch over to here to get a better experience for myself, and anyone else that stumbles this way. A link to here will be put in the original blog page of my main website, brandonvinton.com, so that this new site can be easily found.
Also, I’ve ported all my original blog posts from my website to here. So all of these posts will say the same date, although they were written on different days, and any mention of my website is not speaking of this, but the aforementioned brandonvinton.com.

In other news, The New Phantasm is slowly but surely gaining a gripping. I am on the fourth draft of the story, lengthening it, editing and revising. The cover is also coming under some changes, which will hopefully work in its favor.
The release date is still in May of next year, though what day is still being debated. Anyone that wishes to get a taste of what The New Phantasm will be about, can visit the Library page on my website, and click on the Aubrey Kasey link. There you can download and read the entire first chapter.

Lastly, on a path entirely separate than that of my next main release, in spare time I am writing and compiling a sort of sequel to Creation. Now this is not a main priority and is more of a side note than anything, but it will be called The Next Day, and released on eBook during December, and in mid 2015 physically.

Both these projects I am extremely excited for, and I am very glad to have finally gotten a proper blog.
Hope everything is well, and more posts are underway.

– Brandon   

Update – 5/23/14

It has certainly been awhile since I’ve dealt with this website. I’m still very active – you know, writing and all that jazz. But updates haven’t really been my thing, so here goes one now.


My current book, Creation, is moving out of the spotlight here on my site so I can make room to move forward. I have an official announcement for my new book, The New Phantasm, head lining the front page as to start trying to build some hype and awareness. 
But work for Creation is still going (albeitly a little slow) and continuing. I’m going to continue to work and promote Creation so everyone will have had an opportunity to hear about it.
My intent with Creation was never to make gobbles of money, but to impact others and make a difference. To show that others have gone through what they might be going through too, and to give hope. And that mission will never stop going.


Next update, is of course, the announcement for my new book. Set to release in May of 2015, I’m hoping that The New Phantasm as my second book can make more waves then Creation did. As an actual cohesive fiction story, I’m hopeful that as the months go by, it will intrigue many.


The last update is a plan or idea, not an actual reality just yet. Due to Wix’s crappy blog system, I’m making plans to move the blogging portion of the site somewhere else, such as WordPress. This will give me the opportunity to be much more active with my blog, and to do more than I am as of now.


I hope that everyone has a good weekend. More updates to come.


– Brandon

My Library

Just to keep things moving, I toy around with editing my website at least once a day. I see if there is anything I could add, say, or bring that could make it POP a bit more.
One of these ideas that came to formation on the site, was the very eloquently named, My Library.

Basically, as a writer, I have a lot of unused content. Not unwanted, but just didn’t fit in with it’s father project enough to make it into a final cut. I love ALL of my work, (to an extent), so I hate to see it falling into oblivion with the rest of the world’s dead work. To combat this, I’ve set up a page where I’ll be placing a lot of that content, unused, cut, or unfinished – just to get a little extra taste of the kind of author I am. And to the people that order my book, AND enjoyed it, it’ll give them some extra content for free.

Also, I might post previews or snippets of upcoming or possible work – I dunno, we’ll see. I might just put that into a page of its own, I’m not sure. But the point is, for all who want a little more of my writing… or who hasn’t gotten to see any of my writing… check out the content there. It’s free, and should open up in your browser as a PDF.

Hope it satisfies.

– Brandon

Welcome, welcome…

Of course, at this point in time, I am quite unheard of. You might not even read this post, nobody might ever read this post. The purpose of this post anyways, isn’t to entertain, to inform or persuade you. This is merely a post of formalities, and a way to say hello.

At the time of my writing this, I have recently finished writing, and published my first book, Creation; an anthology of American poetry. It was a long and daunting road, but I feel more accomplished than I think I ever have before. I realize there is still a lot more work to be done, and I’m still working hard to make a name for myself, but I have a feeling good things are still yet to come.

If you feel so inclined, please take a wander around my rather small website. Mi casa es su casa, after all. There isn’t much right now, but I write insatiably so there is going to be updates and more features fairly often.

And if you came across this site at this early point in my writing ventures and took the time to read this… give yourself a pat on your back. Go get yourself a cookie. You deserve it.

And since your already here, go check out my book. Couldn’t hurt to take a look, right?