My Library

Just to keep things moving, I toy around with editing my website at least once a day. I see if there is anything I could add, say, or bring that could make it POP a bit more.
One of these ideas that came to formation on the site, was the very eloquently named, My Library.

Basically, as a writer, I have a lot of unused content. Not unwanted, but just didn’t fit in with it’s father project enough to make it into a final cut. I love ALL of my work, (to an extent), so I hate to see it falling into oblivion with the rest of the world’s dead work. To combat this, I’ve set up a page where I’ll be placing a lot of that content, unused, cut, or unfinished – just to get a little extra taste of the kind of author I am. And to the people that order my book, AND enjoyed it, it’ll give them some extra content for free.

Also, I might post previews or snippets of upcoming or possible work – I dunno, we’ll see. I might just put that into a page of its own, I’m not sure. But the point is, for all who want a little more of my writing… or who hasn’t gotten to see any of my writing… check out the content there. It’s free, and should open up in your browser as a PDF.

Hope it satisfies.

– Brandon


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