Update – 5/23/14

It has certainly been awhile since I’ve dealt with this website. I’m still very active – you know, writing and all that jazz. But updates haven’t really been my thing, so here goes one now.


My current book, Creation, is moving out of the spotlight here on my site so I can make room to move forward. I have an official announcement for my new book, The New Phantasm, head lining the front page as to start trying to build some hype and awareness. 
But work for Creation is still going (albeitly a little slow) and continuing. I’m going to continue to work and promote Creation so everyone will have had an opportunity to hear about it.
My intent with Creation was never to make gobbles of money, but to impact others and make a difference. To show that others have gone through what they might be going through too, and to give hope. And that mission will never stop going.


Next update, is of course, the announcement for my new book. Set to release in May of 2015, I’m hoping that The New Phantasm as my second book can make more waves then Creation did. As an actual cohesive fiction story, I’m hopeful that as the months go by, it will intrigue many.


The last update is a plan or idea, not an actual reality just yet. Due to Wix’s crappy blog system, I’m making plans to move the blogging portion of the site somewhere else, such as WordPress. This will give me the opportunity to be much more active with my blog, and to do more than I am as of now.


I hope that everyone has a good weekend. More updates to come.


– Brandon


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