Update – 6/12/14

Welcome to my official blog! As I stated in my last update, it was getting obvious that I needed a new outlet for blog posts then Wix itself, because as of now the blog system on there is royally lackluster. 
So I decided to make the switch over to here to get a better experience for myself, and anyone else that stumbles this way. A link to here will be put in the original blog page of my main website, brandonvinton.com, so that this new site can be easily found.
Also, I’ve ported all my original blog posts from my website to here. So all of these posts will say the same date, although they were written on different days, and any mention of my website is not speaking of this, but the aforementioned brandonvinton.com.

In other news, The New Phantasm is slowly but surely gaining a gripping. I am on the fourth draft of the story, lengthening it, editing and revising. The cover is also coming under some changes, which will hopefully work in its favor.
The release date is still in May of next year, though what day is still being debated. Anyone that wishes to get a taste of what The New Phantasm will be about, can visit the Library page on my website, and click on the Aubrey Kasey link. There you can download and read the entire first chapter.

Lastly, on a path entirely separate than that of my next main release, in spare time I am writing and compiling a sort of sequel to Creation. Now this is not a main priority and is more of a side note than anything, but it will be called The Next Day, and released on eBook during December, and in mid 2015 physically.

Both these projects I am extremely excited for, and I am very glad to have finally gotten a proper blog.
Hope everything is well, and more posts are underway.

– Brandon   


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