Update 6/20/14 – ‘The Next Day’ Update


Finally, a new post that has no opinions, no idealism, no liberalism, no rambling rants!
Just a pure, simple update on the writing.

The next main release is, as I’ve stated before, ‘The New Phantasm’, my horror/thriller fiction story. But to fill in the gap, I’ve taken to writing the follow-up to my first novel, Creation. This is called ‘The Next Day’. I’ve had in mind a sort of Genesis naming theme, God’s creation of everything and the six days of work that followed, but you can interpret it as you will. The book is set to release on eBook in December of this year, with the physical release sometime in the Fall of 2015. 

The thing with poetry is… almost all of it comes from inspiration. When you’re writing a fictional story, there is a lot of it you can just write whenever you want to fill it in. You have an idea, and you go with it. But with poetry, you can’t just want to write poetry and then go do it. (Well, you could, but I don’t know how good it would be).
You have to wait for something, that little nagging feeling, that little emotion that you can just type with your finger roaming free across the keyboard until you get a page or two. 
So when I get something that would interpret well into poetry, I have to go ahead and create it before the idea or emotion loses it’s strength. Because then, you’re writing halfheartedly and the poem trails into oblivion.

This time around, with ‘The Next Day’, my poetry isn’t fueled by my depressed. Creation was the result of clinical depression, drug use, and a lot of mishaps along the way. Creation was really meant to tell you that if you feel this way, or are going through this, you are not alone. There are people that feel the way you do too. There really wasn’t much uplifting, joyous hope for most of the book. Only until the very last collection did it start looking up.
And that’s what I’m leading into with The Next Day.
This will not be about depression, addiction, suicide, heartbreak, and so on and so forth. The entirety of The Next Day’s message is to show the hope that wasn’t present in Creation. It is to show that no matter what happens, YOU matter. This was no real world religious context, either, because I don’t want to alienate other people that don’t believe by forcing God down their throat. This book is for everyone, of all religions, colors, shapes and sizes to show that they are here for something great.

This will also be about trying to tell a story. I had some basic outlines for a story in Creation, the first two collections were linked, and the whole Industry Standard segment was just supposed to be a big rock opera. But what I didn’t do was explain it very well. I tried to hard to keep it within the poetry context, I didn’t realize I could branch out to explain a bit more.
I haven’t worked on these much, so I can’t say much. But there are new things to see, here.

The last thing is very simple. 
The book, yes, is supposed to be about hope and renewal, and so on and so forth, but if you bombard people with all this sappy stuff, especially angsty teenagers, they’ll get tired of it after awhile.
So this book sort of doubles as comedy/satire. As you can see from the little snippet above, I’ve tried to stop taking myself so seriously. I dabbled in some humor before, but I think what I’m doing here will be more relatable, and in the long run, more funny.

So that’s what I’m working on. And I have to say, everything is really coming together alright. I still have The New Phantasm rolling, and geez, that’s a tough gig to do. But that’s a post for another day.
The snippet you see up there is the eighth poem for the first collection, which is done writing wise. I hope to release more of the book as time goes on, just so people can see where it’s going to go.

Well, I feel like I sort of infringed on the ‘no rambling’ portion I agreed too above, so I’ll end right here.
I hope everyone has a great weekend…

…And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon, 2:36 PM




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