Update 6/29/14

Welcome to the last post of June! We’re going to leave this month with a small update on what’s going on.

Firstly, I have started a Facebook page. If you already follow my blog, you probably aren’t going to get much more there that you wouldn’t get there, but I’ll be posting more frequently, and in shorter bursts.
I originally wasn’t even going to do a Facebook page, at least for a while. But a good friend of mine told me a few ways to start promoting myself and my book a bit more, so I decided that now’s about as good a time as any.
So I’d appreciate it if you’d go take a look, and leave a like! You can find it simply by typing in my name, Brandon Vinton, in the search bar, or you can go directly to it here:

Secondly, I’ve updated my website a little.
I’ve always thought that after a while, I’d stop producing Creation in a physical form, and just leave it in Kindle, and eventually make it free.
That day has not yet come, but I’ve decided to release the first two collections of the book in their entirety to the public for reading and enjoying. These two collections are probably the most raw to me, because they were written without a lot of thought, and were purely based on my emotions. There was no planning, no pre-writing, there was only me and my ranting turned poetry.
The first collection tells the not so cohesive story of the Lonely Liars, a depressed little group of people that live life on the brink of death, always waiting for it all to end. Then in the second collection, someone comes and everything changes. They become addicted not to the thrill of death, but to the high of the pill and injection. They form the Hell’s Dreamers, and the rest is somewhat kind of history.

This book means a lot to me. When I wrote it, I never intended to just make tons of money, my main intent was to share it with people like me who needed it.
This book was never meant to cure depression… but to show people that they aren’t alone in this world.
So until the time comes where the book is fully free, I present to you the first two collections, full and untampered with, on my website.

Just go to the tab that says Creation, hover over it and click on the link. It’ll take you to a page where you can download both the collections separately, and read them at your own free will. They will be in PDF form.

Lastly, I will be leaving for a week in July. From the thirteenth to around the nineteenth, there will be no posts. I know my posting schedule is a bit erratic anyways, but I usually try to post every other day, to every two days.
There will be continued posts until the thirteenth of July, though, so you’ll have that to look forward too.

Any questions? Concerns? Feel free to mail me at b.vinton@outlook.com.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon, 4:55 PM


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