The Imminent Threat of Theocracy

I am a christian, willingly. I believe in God, and Jesus Christ. I am an American citizen. And while I may not like some of the people in this country, or the people running it, I was born in this land, and land is what I care about. I still am patriotic about the land, […]

On the Matter of Exercising and Dieting

This post is going to be simple. Non-controversial. Easy to read. This is all from ME… with personal experiences to boot. If you’re struggling with some of these things, I’ll give you some advice. Otherwise, you can leave this post alone. Let’s talk about exercising. Exercising – some people love it, some people hate it, […]

The post that was about nothing

DISCLAIMER – This post isn’t ACTUALLY about nothing. It is about something, or it would be a blank page. Thank you. One of the hardest things I’ve discovered about blogging, is that most of the time in order to blog, you have to have something to blog about. I’ve tried to incorporate a few things […]

The Soundtrack to your Writing Career

Welcome to July, everyone! We’ve gotten through one month… let’s see how the rest go from here. Music is powerful. We are all aware of this, even if we aren’t avid listeners. Music helps get us through a lot, if you listen to it correctly. The right kind of music can act as a warm, […]