The post that was about nothing

DISCLAIMER – This post isn’t ACTUALLY about nothing. It is about something, or it would be a blank page. Thank you.

One of the hardest things I’ve discovered about blogging, is that most of the time in order to blog, you have to have something to blog about.
I’ve tried to incorporate a few things here, and not leave it just about my writing. I try to offer opinions and thoughts every couple days or show that may or not be read by the inter-web populace, and I try to doll them out in small portions because who wants a bunch of thoughts, idealist stances, and political/moral commentary from a sixteen year old? Now, what I talk about is a bit better then most sixteen year old’s, I’d like to think. But still, at my age, I only know so much and have a limited about of things to say.
That’s why I find it hard at times to decide on appropriate, moderately uncontroversial topics to write about.
When you’re writing a story, whether it be fiction from your head, or non-fiction research paper, you always have somewhere to go. You have your research to refer too, or you can just invent some new sub-plot to fill in gaps. (Not always advised, though.)
When you are speaking on daily or even weekly topics, it gets harder to find something interesting and compelling to say.
I try to stray away from current news or events, because everyone’s talking about them and has probably said whatever I was going to say. I could try and write a post about why I couldn’t care less about the World Cup. Firstly, I wouldn’t have much to say. Secondly, there are lots of people who feel the same, and probably have said something more intriguing then I would have. Lastly, I’d have a bunch people ready to punch me, or perhaps kick a soccer ball in my groin. Either way, I wouldn’t like that too much.

And because it is one of my bad habits, I try not to build a thought or post of a small idea or topic, due to RAMBLING. Because then, you have SO much to fill in, and I’m not good with bridging gaps. I need a LOT to say on the topic, or already have a strong opinion, or else I fall into the dreaded rut that is saying something over again, and saying it over again, and saying it again. Even though Led Zeppelin told me that it was okay to ramble on, and I find doing it quite easy, it is a terrible habit that I try to stray from.

But see here, with something like this, the post about nothing… there is now free space to ramble as much as I feel. Because a post about nothing… isn’t that ALL a ramble?
That’s sometimes why having a generic title is a good thing, especially if have the same problem as me.

Take my first post, for example. It was originally called, “Religion in Children.” I was going to talk about forcing religion down children’s throats, and making them believe in it without their own input. Eventually, that went from religion, to politics, to parental opinions, to me telling you how to parent your children.
After the first post, and a little of the second, I’ve learned a lesson to keep titles generic. If I had called this post, “The Difficulty of Choosing a Blog Topic”, that would have limited to me a bit. Now, it probably would have been fine in the long run, but by giving it the name it has, I have free rein to talk about what I want.

Movies? Music? Writing? The World Cup? All fine!
Because the title is all encompassing, and anything can be set into that post. Everything goes, everything works, and there’s no questions later.

My last point;
The difficulty of ending a post. Now, I do this in real life conversations, where I just end a conversation abruptly. Now my social skills aren’t really on par, so I give myself a little lenience, but I never knew how hard it was NOT to just say “bye” and walk away!
I’m not going to be giving any advice here, because I am terrible at it. So don’t expect any elaborate opinions and thought processes here, from me. I don’t do social science, sorry.

Now, on the topic of ending a post…
…How about that World Cup?

And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon, 12:57 PM


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