The Imminent Threat of Theocracy

I am a christian, willingly. I believe in God, and Jesus Christ.

I am an American citizen. And while I may not like some of the people in this country, or the people running it, I was born in this land, and land is what I care about.

I still am patriotic about the land, and I have always been patriotic for what America stands for.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A big ‘ol melting pot of people of different religions, skin colors, genders… etc.

I love my religion, and I’m on decent terms with my Nation.

But go ahead and call me old fashioned… because I really am.
I seem to be one of a dwindling people that enjoy their church and state separated.

To be honest, they don’t do too well together.
We’ve tried that.
It was called pre-American revolution England.

Do we even care anymore about what America really stands for?
Or are we just going to cherry-pick what we want about it?

“Oh, I want my second amendment rights! I want my guns, and I want them now!”

“Well listen here, sir, I want my first amendment rights, and I want it now!”

*Cue blank stares*

“Oh, you’ve never even thought about the fact that there was more to our constitution then just something telling you that you’re allowed to carry firearms?”

*Cue crickets*

That’s the thing that a lot of Conservatives forget about. The constitution is more than the second amendment.
And as far as I know, your bible has nothing to do with my government!

The first amendment declares a separation of church, (religion), and state (America).
How can you go on about your rights, when you can’t look up a couple inches to see mine.
I have a right, and so does everyone else in this nation, not to be ruled and dictated by the rules and regulations of religion!
I don’t give a damn about your religious values, if you want to stick them in my government. To yourself? Great. Glad you have a set of morals, but if you want to be a leader in this government, then you’re going to need to leave those values at your door when you walk out in the morning!

Look at my two favorite issues right now; abortion and gay marriage. These are big issues, but they shouldn’t even be a problem.
I’ll start off by saying that anyone other then the person themselves should have a hand in someone’s personal life.
Then I’ll ask… what other reasons can women not have abortions, and homosexuals can’t marry other then religious values?
Abortions; I get the whole protecting life deal. If it were just about that, then I’d understand. But then you go and get all the answers from a pocket new testament, and that’s where you go wrong. ALL of the arguments I hear against abortion are for religious reasons.
Because if you were going at it from a stance to protect life, then you’d understand that an egg plus sperm does NOT make a person! I’m a person. You’re a person. A fertilized egg? It’s just that. A fertilized egg.
Me, personally, I’m for abortions but against late term. Once it has a BRAIN and pain receptors, I’d call that inhumane.
But a beating heart? Or fingernails? (Juno, anyone?)

The dead have fingernails. A dead guy’s heart can still beat for a few seconds after he has died! Does that make him living? No.

And gay marriage, perhaps the most bible-oriented issue of all time. Name me a SINGLE reason other then the bible why homosexual’s can’t marry.
The institution of marriage?
Who supposedly came up with that, huh?
Was there some sort of companion piece to our constitution that was on this topic?

No. It was the bible.

And the institution of marriage?
Let me break down the biblical institution of marriage.

“You give me your 14 year old daughter so I can produce offspring to work the farm, and I’ll give you three goat.”

“Three goat? That’s a lot of goat!”

“So I can marry your pre-pubescent daughter?”

“Hmm… three goat is more than one daughter… you have deal!”

…That was the “sanctity” of marriage back then. The ENTIRE reason that God may have had any problem with homosexuality, is that naturally, two men can’t make a baby. Back then, there was that whole, “be fruitful and multiply” thing.
We have been fruitful. We have multiplied.

But that’s besides the point.

This is getting ridiculous.
Our founding fathers worked their asses off, what with that whole revolution and all, to bring us separation from church and state.
And yet we keep trying to bring them back together, against what our founding fathers wanted, against our best interests, and for what?
To become what we fought so hard to overcome?

As of right now, we are very nearly a theocracy. We are letting one religion dictate what we can and can’t do.
All it’s going to take is for someone to sign the bill.

We can’t let that happen.
We can’t do this.

Did you know that it was in the fifties… the NINETEEN fifties when President Eisenhower added the phrase ‘under God’ after ‘one nation’ in our pledge?
Yeah. That wasn’t even one hundred years ago. That shouldn’t have happened in the first place. If our first amendment rang true… then why did we add ‘under god’ to our pledge, and ‘in god we trust’ to our cash?
That is a violation.
That is unconstitutional.
That was the first steps in our transformation into a theocracy.

Now, I’ll end with this.
God is good, God is great.
And you know what?
Guns are good. Guns are great.
But God, like guns, should be kept private, and used privately.
But unlike guns… having God and the bible as a part of our nation shouldn’t be used in extreme circumstances. In our law, in our courts, in our government…
ANY religion… my God included, has no place.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon, 9:26 AM


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