NaNoWriMo Week #3 – Race to the Finish Line

Another week gone by! Last week we discussed the eventual brick wall of NaNoWriMo, the writer’s block and lack of enthusiasm that was once had.

Although things haven’t picked up to the point it was at the beginning of the month, work has gotten done, writing has been accomplished, and I’m happy to announce that I have achieved the goal I set for myself last week, clocking in at the time of this post at 35, 206 words and 173 pages!
Ten days to do fifteen thousand words… I can assure you, it will be achieved!

After NaNoWriMo, the book will still be in production.  As I’ve said before, the event is to get you writing something, not necessarily the next great American novel. So once the framework is completed, the first bout of revisions and edits will take place. Making sure everything flows well, the character and plot development steady and understood, and grammatical mistakes brought down to a minimum.
After that, I’m going to release it to a test group of sorts. Men and women of different ages so I can get a glimpse into the opinions of a broad range of people.

But as of now, the writing is going well. It has been a bit scattered, I’ll admit, and it certainly hasn’t remained constant. There will be days where I don’t write at all – but usually I can come back the next day and power through a few thousand.
If everything goes according to plan, I’d like to have five thousand written collectively today and tomorrow, than on Saturday do a 10k sprint to the finish line.
Of course, plans change, and your level of determination fluctuates, but I know it can be done.

All of my characters have been (hopefully) well established, I think I’ve got a unique personality set for each of them, and a good broad range at that. Chapter after chapter, I am truly enjoying see the events unfold in front of me – although it is my fingers typing, it doesn’t my brain has caught up to the ideas. It is amazing how you can surprise yourself with your own twists!
Also, to breathe another bit of “realism” into your characters, if you own one of the Sims games, try to create your characters in the editor. It’s one thing to imagine them, but another to see them there in front of you. Although it will be more of a cartoon caricature of your character rather than your true vision, it’s a good little exercise.

Something I would like to mention before I close out, is that yesterday I came across a very nice app that may be of interest. Write-O-Meter is an app that I got for my Android phone, not sure if it is on iPhone or not, but what it does is allow you to set a daily word goal, a complete, overall word goal, and a deadline to complete it by. Then it sets a timer, (automatically set to 25 minutes but it can be adjusted), in which you have to write in. You input your daily word count, and it motivates you to keep moving forward, with quotes from other writers and artists, a little reward system which I found rather arbitrary  and ignored for the most part, and plus it’s rather rewarding to keep track of your daily writing and see the word count grow.

The 30th is approaching quicker and quicker, and pretty soon we’ll blink and it’ll be here. It’s time to get cracking, buckle down and write faster than we have before. I believe today was the day to start validating your novel and win, so let that be your inspiration to get it down.
Good luck to all who are still writing as hard as they can, congratulations to all the current winners, and I hope to see everyone on the other side!

See you Thursday.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Brandon, 3:04 PM


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