Needed Love vs. Wanted Love

Not all love is equal. I spent a year and eight months in a relationship with someone I loved dearly – but the love that was there was misguided. It wasn’t healthy. It was off-key and headed for all the wrong directions and based on so many things that love shouldn’t be based on, and […]

Behind the Curtain

Scream a song of rain and water Reach out to me from beyond the ocean Call my name and preach your devotion To the man behind the curtain Restore that lost faith that you had in me But never truly be certain That this is where you want to be Scream out, a song of […]

One Day We’ll All Be Found

Sometimes, it isn’t a matter of not knowing where I’m going, it’s just a matter of how I’m going to get there. I occasionally will look at where I am in life and wonder how the hell I got there – but I figure that if I am here and I’m alive and well than […]


I’ve been gone for far too long Nothing in my arms but my Bible and these old songs that I would sing to you Forgive my transgressions and I’ll try to forgive you too Like summer never ended and you never left town because there was nothing left to do   You always wanted to […]

Are You Happy? – 2017

For the vast majority of my life, I’ve suffered from clinical depression. I remember being about eight years old and writing in a journal, and in it I wrote something along the lines of “I’ve been feeling really sad, lately, though I don’t know why. I shouldn’t be sad, because nothing really bad is going […]