I’ve been gone for far too long
Nothing in my arms but my Bible
and these old songs
that I would sing to you
Forgive my transgressions
and I’ll try to forgive you too
Like summer never ended
and you never left town
because there was nothing left to do


You always wanted to change
Leave the soft fields
Throw off your familiar shape
Never to forget where we were
or where we came
Just stuck between a draught
and a never ending rain
Our world was small
The mountains were traveled and seas had been explored
but I had you
So I never once yearned for more


The roads are still unpaved
Just dust and stone
and the unshakable feeling of being all alone
There’s nothing left for us anymore.
I’ve been walking for so long –
my head and my back stay so sore.
Lord, have mercy on this regretful soul –
this sentimental fool.
He knows I never once stopped thinking about you
I’ve been around a time or two
Yet my mind has never strayed.


I may have forgotten my psalms
Maybe I stopped saying my prayers
And though my faith has been steady
it hasn’t been fair.
I waited around
And you were never there.


The leaves turn to orange
Night comes quicker still
I’m still a sinner, I know –
I never seemed to get my fill
But I’ll keep straight – constant, like I do
And I’ll walk these dusty roads
For it isn’t just my weary head
That’s waiting there for you


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