No Sense

All I want to do Is see you And I can’t understand why I can’t keep myself from looking your way It makes less sense Than snow in July But every time I look to you I hope to catch your eye. Though it doesn’t matter – it would never be I’m in love with […]

Heat Death

The stars scream out in a song of infant fire No more time left for a power any higher Moving in a dance of renewal and change Doing their best to tend the beat of the flame Taking their time to give us the world Carried upon their back – Into the swirling light, out […]


Fall to the ground Moving with the wind Feel it like electricity on your back As the bodies blend Quiet, unmoving to all around Fierce, and moving fast to those who dare listen To the sound Under our feet How we spin How we retreat So inconsequential, not realizing how quickly we move Watch how […]


You are nothing but a ghost to me And I run from you Fearful of what your eyes can do And you chase after me With that fierce conviction That you’re going in the right direction Because when the moon is hidden Behind grey clouds and rolling thunder And no light is able to escape […]

Generic Pop-Punk Love Song

Oh, if only I could play the guitar Strum a little tune for you If only I could sing This wouldn’t be a poem You’d have to read If only I could write An angsty anthem of the night That I knew that I loved you This could be some heavy Punk rock melody And […]


I’ve got a couple of things on my mind About the thing we have going on And the reasons why There seems to be so much time Lying around, sleeping all day Acting like we’re the same kind I wanna know, darling – Why you have to be so cruel When all I wanna do […]