I’ve got a couple of things on my mind
About the thing we have going on
And the reasons why
There seems to be so much time
Lying around, sleeping all day
Acting like we’re the same kind
I wanna know, darling –
Why you have to be so cruel
When all I wanna do
Is just let go of you
But I’m still sitting here
Acting like a fool
Allowing myself to be smothered
By your incompetent rule

Leave the static behind and give me a smoother sound
Come into my bed
If you’re just gonna stick around
Gotta prove a point to me
About why you gotta be
So sickly sweet
I don’t wanna be
So fucking deep
In this
Just in you
I want to let go
I want you to shut up
I just want to know
Why we can’t give up

Too many minutes in a day
Sunrise to set, morning to night
I just don’t think you’re quite my type
Acting like you’re some miraculous find
Acting like you’re not a waste of time
Unless you plan on sticking around
To lie around
And find your way on me –
Leave the static behind
We’re not the same
I’ve got better places to be


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