Fall to the ground
Moving with the wind
Feel it like electricity on your back
As the bodies blend
Quiet, unmoving to all around
Fierce, and moving fast to those who dare listen
To the sound
Under our feet
How we spin
How we retreat
So inconsequential, not realizing how quickly we move
Watch how we begin
Rotations throwing us through the cold sand
Forgetting how to hold on or how to breathe
How to walk to dry land
From where we were
Guided by some invisible hand
Rotations biting through the ice
Throwing us into deep
Never stopping to stand still
To wake us from our sleep
How we move, walking through time
Trying to keep up with a forced unmoved
On this tight rope line
Trying to climb
The mountain of eternity – forged in diamond, burned in ash
But we still stand, relentless
Of how still we are.
Unable to feel the spin beneath us
Unable to try and hold on
Quiet beings on the scope of eternity
so we deny our turn
The movement of silent messages
Told through time
By endless rotations.


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