There is Nothing Here

There is nothing here
Nothing for you
Nothing for me
City of broken bones and worn down streets
Fields of nothing and people with nothing who want nothing
To change in their lives
Content with the same old ways
And constant stream of lies
There is nothing here for you
Doors stay locked until they leave the house
Leaves and trees are gathered and doused
With the same old gasoline
Same old match and flame
Same old trail of smoke leading into the sky seen
From miles away
I see no reason for anyone to stay
For there is nothing here
Nothing here for you
It’ll be the same in twenty years
As it was twenty years before
Same old tired people
Same old stagnant bore
Lawns stay mowed
The churches save souls
They hold these things so dear so they retain their control
Tired, unmoving, nothing left for anyone to fear
There is nothing for you here
Unmoving town with the unchanged people
The bells stay ringing in the old dilapidated steeple
At some point they’ll just lie down and turn to dust
And everything is far and nothing is near
And every harsh wind is a forgettable gust
You know as well as I – there is nothing for you here

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