Here We Go Again

Here we go again No pencil to paper But flesh to screen Letting out streams of unbroken consciousness In no new way then what was done before But the writing gives no way to myself My scrawl of ink scratching across some old notepad, no – Instead across tepid electronic keyboard And cold glass screen […]

Reception in the Middle of Nowhere

(watchtower) Is she always there Standing over me Watching as the seasons change Over some sleepy, wondering sea Across her face and beneath her eyes Is always the same wistful gaze Reflections floating like young waves Crashing just to show their size The air gets dry As the music grows dreamy Synth sounds and electric […]

Tomorrow to Come

(summer soliloquy) Who could tell Who could wonder why When summer passes through me Like tears on hazy honey eyes When it floats away, like those dreams on the big open sea And life is simply another Lonely menagerie Things will never be the same As they were before Quiet songs on the record player […]