I love you.


I love you
I love the way that I shouldn’t love you
I love these feelings that should not exist
I love the dark night drives
Through dusty roads
With long, expanding fields
And only god knows
Why I love the way you feel against me
Your skin against mine should be nothing special
But when your chest moves I feel like I can breathe
I love the hate I feel in myself
Loving something I shouldn’t ever have felt
I love the way you look up at me
And there’s silence and a sigh and we both can’t believe
So the night stops for a moment or two
To give a little time for us two
To remember why it shouldn’t be us two
But all there is, is you and I
Us two
And I love the way there shouldn’t be love
And I love the way I want this to end
And I love the way I don’t ever want you to leave
Despite silent eyes and desperate conversations
Such quiet in the sky as the radio is blaring
And there’s no movement at all in us
Except the car, gently rolling over unpaved roads
I hate who I am
And I have what I’ve chose
Because these roads less traveled
They will consume us
And take us to dark paths
Nobody knows


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