The American Dream

Neo-Nazi rallies and social unrest
Children in school with a bullet-proof vest
The lobbyists all say we don’t need to change a thing
Here is a taste of the American Dream.

Children in cages and anti-vax sages
Xenophobe rages and burned science book pages
No one can tell that we’re tearing at the seams.
This is the face of the American Dream.

While the rich thrives
The poor dies
The sick and needy pays
The silenced minorities don’t get a say
When the bombs drop I wonder if they’ll feel bad
Dreaming of the country that we could’ve had.

Sunday Christians with their pharisee hate
Believing that’s what made this country great
Fat pocketed politicians
Signing away our planet for profit
Wannabe theocrats with their wannabe prophets
I’m just tired of seeing the world crumble around me
Standing in the rubble of the American Dream.

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