Commute, Compute

I dreamt of an endless ocean and a sea of stars
Yet I’m stuck breathing in the smog
left behind an endless sea of cars
I wake up in the shadow kissed morning to a stillness not yet disturbed
By people waiting for their turn to speak
Just to hear the sound of their own words
I go about my day as I’ve done time and time again
Yet I feel as if I’m still waiting for my life to begin
I dreamt of a purpose
A point
A reason why
Something other than an endless cycle to just
Live, work, then die
I crave the embrace
That comes with a world past midnight
When our worries are long asleep
And I am finally able to feel alright
I’m ever reaching, wanting, waiting –
for that silent moment
Stuck between never before and always to come
Nothing but myself and my breathing
The time alone always more by itself than its sum
I dreamt of an endless ocean and a sense of worth
I dreamt of a night so still
you could feel the turning of the earth
I dreamt that I understood what it all meant
and that I was finally able to honestly say
that I’m just waiting for the morning
that I’m at last happy to face another day