I Don’t Know Why I’m Sad

(NOT A POEM) If has not been made obvious yet, either through the content and themes of my poetry or the few and scattered journal-like posts, I have depression. I’ve dealt with serious depression since I was roughly fourteen years old. I remember vividly being younger than that – perhaps around ten – and writing […]

Reception in the Middle of Nowhere

(watchtower) Is she always there Standing over me Watching as the seasons change Over some sleepy, wondering sea Across her face and beneath her eyes Is always the same wistful gaze Reflections floating like young waves Crashing just to show their size The air gets dry As the music grows dreamy Synth sounds and electric […]

What’s Left of What Was Said

I sit beside the crowds of people I see everyday Yet cannot bring myself to recognize I don’t understand a single word they say But Lord, how I try Perching in the rafters above the rumble of empty words Faces that don’t mean a thing to me I look over the scape and I don’t […]

Generic Pop-Punk Love Song

Oh, if only I could play the guitar Strum a little tune for you If only I could sing This wouldn’t be a poem You’d have to read If only I could write An angsty anthem of the night That I knew that I loved you This could be some heavy Punk rock melody And […]

NaNoWriMo Week #2 – Playing Through the Pain

Here we are again, Thursday and another NaNoWriMo update! We’re a little under halfway through – and it’s going well. Things are progressing at a decent rate, ideas are flowing if only at a trickle, and things are getting done. As of now, my story The Bright Side to the Dark Arts is at 24, 313 words […]

The post that was about nothing

DISCLAIMER – This post isn’t ACTUALLY about nothing. It is about something, or it would be a blank page. Thank you. One of the hardest things I’ve discovered about blogging, is that most of the time in order to blog, you have to have something to blog about. I’ve tried to incorporate a few things […]

The Soundtrack to your Writing Career

Welcome to July, everyone! We’ve gotten through one month… let’s see how the rest go from here. Music is powerful. We are all aware of this, even if we aren’t avid listeners. Music helps get us through a lot, if you listen to it correctly. The right kind of music can act as a warm, […]