Winter, the Lover

(Open to Close) It’s been cold for days But that’s fine by me I’d be numb anyways I yearn for the violent wind the punishing slaps to my face the feeling of a thousand needles I never get sick of the taste I don’t want to walk I don’t want to find a flame Because […]

Seasonal Ineffective

(sun sickness)   Caught up in a tangle of ninety-three individual days Circadian cycles passing in some heatstroke haze Catch up just to fall behind And see the water fall beneath In our heads – the only images lies In some dusty, dried creek Ripples of forgetful You take what you can get See what […]

Rubble (Left in October)

I once knew you But don’t remind me Like the rubble of the car wreck That still sits close to me And the oxygenated air That still makes me dizzy I don’t want to think about what doesn’t make me forget An orange atmosphere with nothing left And voices in the background to remind me […]

Heat Death

The stars scream out in a song of infant fire No more time left for a power any higher Moving in a dance of renewal and change Doing their best to tend the beat of the flame Taking their time to give us the world Carried upon their back – Into the swirling light, out […]


You are nothing but a ghost to me And I run from you Fearful of what your eyes can do And you chase after me With that fierce conviction That you’re going in the right direction Because when the moon is hidden Behind grey clouds and rolling thunder And no light is able to escape […]