The Sun at 8 PM

Reaching, outpouring Wanting to forget about never knowing Falling or sleeping Or dreaming of being awake I can’t find someone to give back All this regret I continue to take Wake me up Before I go under I want to remember the way You looked up at me in wonder There’s silence in the trees […]


From beyond the nights And into my sleeping head Working for that sign of light To finally pull me from my bed A dance of moving parts and pieces Gears twisting in their place Fingers running over the creases Left behind in the sheets For behind my eyes – I no longer see your face […]

Dark Skies

I want to know Why the light around us always seems fleeting With every second I stand alone with you I just want to see Why there’s nothing here for me And all that’s left is all I know Two feet standing on the ground, and the pitter patter Of the rain’s melodic fall Drown […]


Fall to the ground Moving with the wind Feel it like electricity on your back As the bodies blend Quiet, unmoving to all around Fierce, and moving fast to those who dare listen To the sound Under our feet How we spin How we retreat So inconsequential, not realizing how quickly we move Watch how […]