Under the Skin

(no more) Under my skin You fell so deep Lips like honey Against my skin your kisses seep Dripping like rain On tear soaked diary pages Leave it all to me Running off as the storm rages Left to find solace in empty memories Recalling what you’ve remember a thousand times before It’s time you […]

What’s Left of What Was Said

I sit beside the crowds of people I see everyday Yet cannot bring myself to recognize I don’t understand a single word they say But Lord, how I try Perching in the rafters above the rumble of empty words Faces that don’t mean a thing to me I look over the scape and I don’t […]

Over the Shore

Everyday I hear the story that you loved me like I loved you everyday just another story of what’s to come next and what was before me trying to keep my head above water while the storm rages on I see the misguided direction all around as I try to walk before I crawl but […]

Disposable Camera

There’s a camera in the back of my closet On top the faded photographs and written notes Boxes covered with layers of dust All of the letters that we sent back and forth Remnants of what never was – Echoes of those ghosts Images burning away in my mind Like they did in the grass […]


I’ve got a couple of things on my mind About the thing we have going on And the reasons why There seems to be so much time Lying around, sleeping all day Acting like we’re the same kind I wanna know, darling – Why you have to be so cruel When all I wanna do […]