Turn Right

Stuck on the highway between a semi and an oversized truck Nothing left on the radio besides the terrible and the so over played it sucks I’m going twenty miles more than I should Though my exit is only five away And it kills me knowing that even though I’ll turn right I could so […]

Glaring Omission

(red curtain) don’t forget we all fall and there’s nothing left at the final call to leave behind or store away because we can apologize some other day i won’t please you you can’t speak to me we don’t understand the language of being softer words than the touch of your tongue and my mouth […]

Reception in the Middle of Nowhere

(watchtower) Is she always there Standing over me Watching as the seasons change Over some sleepy, wondering sea Across her face and beneath her eyes Is always the same wistful gaze Reflections floating like young waves Crashing just to show their size The air gets dry As the music grows dreamy Synth sounds and electric […]