Cold, Cold Man

Music is too fucking powerful, man. There are bands I absolutely adore, but there are some songs that I listen to by bands that I’ve never given a second glance that just make me shut my mouth and go back in and time and watch a film reel of memories that make my skin tingle […]

This is the Sound of Settling

“I’ve got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots That my tongue has tied off My brain’s repeating, “if you’ve got an impulse, let it out” But they never make it past my mouth.” Death Cab for Cutie is one of my favorite bands of all time – in fact, if you took Fall Out […]

Little Blue Pill Blues

(NOT A POEM) I’ve struggled a lot with how I felt about taking anti-depressants. There is no doubt in my mind that they work – and they help and safe millions every year. They are incredibly important and without them, I can’t say whether or not I’d be here today. I started taking them when […]

I Don’t Know Why I’m Sad

(NOT A POEM) If has not been made obvious yet, either through the content and themes of my poetry or the few and scattered journal-like posts, I have depression. I’ve dealt with serious depression since I was roughly fourteen years old. I remember vividly being younger than that – perhaps around ten – and writing […]

Edge of the Overpass

Floating in the overpass I see your city through the fog And I wonder if you see me through pictures colored rose or in some dark, corporeal dream Just like you do. Am I in your thoughts or even in the shadows at your bedroom at night? I wonder if anyone has over fallen off […]

Winter, the Lover

(Open to Close) It’s been cold for days But that’s fine by me I’d be numb anyways I yearn for the violent wind the punishing slaps to my face the feeling of a thousand needles I never get sick of the taste I don’t want to walk I don’t want to find a flame Because […]

Turn Right

Stuck on the highway between a semi and an oversized truck Nothing left on the radio besides the terrible and the so over played it sucks I’m going twenty miles more than I should Though my exit is only five away And it kills me knowing that even though I’ll turn right I could so […]

In the Dim Red Light of a New Mexico Dive Bar

See through the smoke and spot those hazy Autumn eyes Every fallen leaf is another year gone by Trying to turn back time and forget about the lies But the world refuses to forget The seasons change But the world, it won’t forget. Neither do I. See you through the mirror Looking just like the […]

The Sun at 8 PM

Reaching, outpouring Wanting to forget about never knowing Falling or sleeping Or dreaming of being awake I can’t find someone to give back All this regret I continue to take Wake me up Before I go under I want to remember the way You looked up at me in wonder There’s silence in the trees […]

Circular Anxiety

Sitting idly No silence in the air So I’m left in my head Thoughts in rotation Every word I’ve said Autonomously moving Like the changing of the clock Tick tock Tick tock Why did I? Why did I not? If there’s reason for the Viewmaster in my head Constantly changing between the scenes Of fixated […]